Loop to Highline - Unnamed Peak

McDonald Creek

deer of Glacier are seemingly tame, don't feed though

Loop Trail

West, Longfellow Peak


West, Heaven's Peak

North, Mountains around Logan's Pass

North Flank of Swiftcurrent Lookout

Ahern Peak


North, Livingston Range

Iceberg Peak

Cannon, and Heaven

Livingston Range



Livingston Range

Swiftcurrent Valley

View from the Loop

This was a truly radical hike.  I did this hike the first week GTTS was open.  The highline trail was closed because of dangerous snow conditions and that truly added to the experience.  I saw two people hiking the same trail as I was on the whole time, and I saw them when I was descending the Unnamed Peak.  My ambitions for the day were to reach the summit of Ahern Peak.  I was about 1 mile short of Ahern Pass, but there the snow conditions were truly dangerous.  I didn't have an Ice Axe and didn't want to risk anything.  It had about the same slope as all the snow fields I walked on earlier.  Except the snow field was much shorter, about 20 feet than a steep drop off a cliff.  I turned around and decided to climb a mountain I thought was Iceberg Peak.  When I got back and examined the UTM number, it didn't match on the map with Iceberg Peak.  I found it was a low 8,000 foot peak, just north of Swiftcurrent Lookout.  It was a great hike which afforded great views, and a nice introduction into the alpine areas of Glacier.