Ascent of Mount Stanton


Hidden Falls high on east Face

Mount Cannon, Bearhat Mountain looking to Logan Pass

Turquoise LMD

Mount Brown with Sperry Glacier behind


true summit from false

ummm snow

final few hundred feet

Mount Vaught


Livingston Range

Livingston Range

Arrow Lake


This was a sweet hike, we shot right up the east face of Stanton and followed Avalanche Corridors to the top.  It was grueling to get to the top.  When we reached the top we took a different route down. We followed Howe Ridge for a while than got lost.  We were trekking through the forests for about 4 hours.  We finally found the trail when we bumped into two black bears in a clearing.  The darted one way and stood there watching us.  So we went the other way where lo and behold is the trail.